Hi, hello, hey and welcome! I’m Sara, a writer from London and this place is a hub dedicated to help you live the life that you want.


By learning everything there is to know about yourself, through thought, travel and exploration.


Travel and Knowing Yourself

Honestly, I believe that the more you understand yourself deep down, the better a life you’ll live and the more you can give to others. I’m talking getting down to your core, your values, your desires, your fears, your personality, everything that makes you you.

Sometimes we’re too afraid to dig that deep into ourselves because we’re not really sure how to deal with everything we’ve been through. But that’s exactly why you should.

Not learning everything about yourself is stopping you from becoming a better version of you. And not to be too cheesy here, but you’re then depriving yourself and the world of all the good you could bring.

And travel, well that’s what teaches you everything you need to know. It opens your eyes and mind in ways you can’t imagine, and when you do it solo, well you get all the perspective and clarity you need to live the life you really want and that is true to you.

Being Muslim, one of the main things I gain from travel is seeing Allah’s (swt) creation, its grandeur and magnificence. It brings me a sense of peace and puts my whole existence into perspective. It reminds me that whenever we feel lost, we have the perfect path that He gave us.

If we’ve been given the best navigation in this life, then why not take it? Building yourself and your character is the essence of service to Him and that’s the part I love to delve into. Whatever your path, your goals and your wants are still unique to you but I want to help you get there by allowing you to connect to you first.

This Space

This blog is a place for you to discover the world that is you (how-to’s, guides in personal development) and the world we’re living in (travel inspiration and guides). It’s your chance to explore all the ways you can build yourself, your character, and your life and do it through experience and travel.

Where to Start

First, take a quick browse around the site and explore what interests you in the archives.

If you’re looking for Travel Inspo then have a look through my posts and my Instagram too.

My Story

When I was a kid, I heard about people who take time out of school or work to ‘find themselves’ and I promise you, I thought it was silly-talk (I wanted to use another word there).

What do you mean find yourself? How do you not know who you are?

But in reality, I ended up spending most of my life quite lost, going in one direction and not really knowing why. Then I’d go a different way and realise it’s not really what I wanted. I made so many mistakes and I still do, all in trying to figure out who the hell I am.

A few years ago, I started travelling more and more, both with people and solo, with the intent on building myself a new life that brought me peace and clarity. And my passion for both travel and self-growth has been snowballing since. I’m still learning every day but I’m creating and building ‘me’ with every step to my path.

I truly from the bottom of my heart, want everyone to explore themselves and the world intentionally, without societal, cultural or even personal limitations and build yourself from scratch. With that, you’ll live your best life and make everyone’s life around you better.

I share what I know because I wish that when I was lost, I had one place I could go to with a step by step guide to start figuring it all out.

I hope that’s everything you need to know to start your self-discovery and if there’s anything I can help with, I’d be glad to know 🙂

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