This space is for:

The independent and ambitious woman who wants to design a fulfilling and meaningful life by mastering her heart, mind and soul.

It’s for the woman who wants to design her life with freedom, expression and authenticity.

It’s for the woman who wants to break out of cultural, familial and societal norms that try to bind her.

It’s for the woman to wants to live free from fear, self-doubt and personal limitations.

It’s for the woman who takes charge of her life and make her own decisions.

It’s for the woman who knows herself well enough to thrive on her strengths, work on her weaknesses and isn’t afraid of a challenge.

This space is meant for any woman who wants to make her life what she wants it to be. It’s a space for knowledge, inspiration, healing and action.

I know what it’s like..

Life can get intense! We could probably all write a book about the things we’ve been through.

We get hit with so much and sometimes it gets hard to stay standing and to keep going. We aren’t taught the tools to mend a broken heart, or overcome self-doubt or managing our anxiety and emotions.

It can get overwhelming and I’ve been there, so much so that I couldn’t function anymore. I was completely consumed by my pain, everything felt out of control.

But I learnt how to fix it. I got myself out of what I would call the worst emotional periods of my entire life and turned it around. Now I have the tools. Now I know how to heal. Now I know what to do and how to make my life better.

So if you’re feeling any of these, then this is the place for you..

  • unhappy or unfulfilled with yourself or your life
  • restricted by self-doubt and fear
  • worried and anxious
  • wanting a better life but unsure how to make it happen
  • unusually sad, down or depressed
  • not in control of your life
  • pressured by people or culture
  • disconnected to others
  • distant from Allah (swt)

You will feel..

  • happy and fulfilled with yourself and your life
  • free of self-doubt and fear
  • excited to go for what you really want in life
  • confident and positive
  • in control of your life and unrestricted by anything
  • connected to yourself and to others
  • closer and better in your relationship with Allah (swt)

About Me

I’m Sara, a writer and an emotional wellness and mindset coach. I’m a certified coach.

I’ve studied and researched psychology, personal development, spirituality, mindfulness, self-care and the Law of Attraction and I’ve practiced them in my life and helped others for over 8 years.

I write and share about these topics to help you heal your heart, train your mind and connect better spiritually to live the life you actually want.

I share free content on my blog and on my Instagram page through photos, captions and stories.

I also have ebooks and courses that will be coming soon.

One of the best ways we can change our lives for the better is looking within, understanding who we are, understanding our hearts, our emotions and our pains and then gaining the tools to master ourselves.

Travel played a massive part in changing my life so that’s why I encourage you to use travel as a way for your healing, your growth and for changing your life too.


Where to Start

First, take a quick browse around the site and explore what interests you in the archives.

If you’re looking for Travel Inspo then have a look through my posts and my Instagram too.

My Story

When I was a kid, I heard about people who take time out of school or work to ‘find themselves’ and I promise you, I thought it was silly-talk (I wanted to use another word there).

What do you mean find yourself? How do you not know who you are?

But in reality, I ended up spending most of my life quite lost, going in one direction and not really knowing why. Then I’d go a different way and realise it’s not really what I wanted. I made so many mistakes and I still do, all in trying to figure out who the hell I am.

A few years ago, I started travelling more and more, both with people and solo, with the intent on building myself a new life that brought me peace and clarity. And my passion for both travel and self-growth has been snowballing since. I’m still learning every day but I’m creating and building ‘me’ with every step to my path.

I truly from the bottom of my heart, want everyone to explore themselves and the world intentionally, without societal, cultural or even personal limitations and build yourself from scratch. With that, you’ll live your best life and make everyone’s life around you better.

I share what I know because I wish that when I was lost, I had one place I could go to with a step by step guide to start figuring it all out.

I hope that’s everything you need to know to start your self-discovery and if there’s anything I can help with, I’d be glad to know 🙂

You can find me on Instagram or email me here.

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