sara salih

WRITER, author, life coach

I help Muslim women heal narcissistic emotional abuse, cultural and generational wounds, embrace self-reflection and spiritual healing to create healthy relationships with themselves, God and others.

I believe we’ve each been given a soul purpose from the Divine to offer in this life.

For some of us, it may be to use our talents to create art and entertainment for others. For others, it may be to build companies that develop the economy.

I feel an extremely strong push, that I can only ascribe to Allah’s guidance for me, to share what I’ve learned from my own experiences with others, in hopes that they may find some benefit in their lives.

My struggles aren’t unique to me, they are like many others who have been surrounded by suffocating communities, tyrannical individuals, traumatic upbringings, and toxic families and relationships.

And what brings us even closer is our shared longing for love, compassion, mercy, commitment, loyalty, and support, from the ones closest to us and in any other form we can get.

My mission is to fill this space, particularly when aspects of our culture and acquired knowledge of spirituality (and/or religion) have failed us.

Whatever it is you have been through, there is a way to reconnect to your higher self and to your Creator, which will infuse you with vitality and purpose in your life again and find peace and home in yourself, better than you've ever known.

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This space is for:

- the believing woman who wants to break away from cultural, familial and societal norms that don’t align with her values and remain connected to her Creator

- the healing woman who wants to end generational trauma, overcome the effects of emotional abuse, feel enough, develop self-love and manage her hardships with inner strength

- the independent woman who wants to design a fulfilling and meaningful life by mastering her heart, mind and soul



I found my morals and values synced with Sara and she provided a greater insight to life

— H
via Instagram.

I was made aware of Sara Salih's accounts via a friend of mine who spoke highly of her and said I would benefit. I found my morals and values synced with Sara and she provided a greater insight to life and how to live it being a Muslim woman. Her travel, stories, and personal captions felt I could relate. She's very relatable and a realist which is hard to find on social media. She inspires me to be the best version of me and take of me more. It's like checking in on a friend and able to relate to the posts as our own lived experiences.

"It may sound silly to the normal person but you've helped me keep my optimism up and looking on the bright side of everything. You have kept my sanity in check."

— Usif
via Instagram.

If it wasn't for your account and the positive vibes you give me I would have been a lesser patient man and most probably in severe depression. There is still a lot I can say but the introvert in me likes to keep parts of my life still private. I always thank God I came across your page. Thanks a lot Sara, you have kept my sanity in check!

"Your page is a blessing honestly and I think just how relatable the topics you talk about which really reach out to a person!"

— A from UK

There's more than one occasion where you or your page has helped me. I remember you wrote about Tawakkul and the Law of Attraction and it stood out to me and I put it into practice. I was able to understand the deeper meaning of what Tawakkul really meant and really put it to use. Alhamdulilah I can happily say I'm in a much better place mentally/spiritually and generally in life, I've changed my perspective on so many things and this has allowed me to grow as an individual and has strengthened my believe in Allah swt.