Salam! I'm Sara

I'm a writer, content creator and life coach with a specific interest in emotional wellness, mindset growth and healing from emotional abuse. I encourage women to live their best life through self-work, healing and travel.


I spent a lot of my life navigating chaos, abuse, depression, anxiety and feeling completely lost, not knowing how to deal with any of it.

But despite the difficulties, I have always been obsessed with finding solutions. So I've studied and researched psychology, personal development, spirituality, mindfulness, self-care, Law of Attraction (you name it!) and I've practised them in my life to work out the most effective ways to live life better and with more inner peace.




So now my purpose is to:


  • coach others to heal from their emotional traumas, abuse or past
  • teach the methods I know that eliminate limiting beliefs and challenge the restrictive societal & cultural pressures set on them to change their life for the better
  • encourage women to travel a lot and to travel solo for their personal growth & emotional wellness




This space is for:

The independent and ambitious woman who wants to design a fulfilling and meaningful life by mastering her heart, mind and soul.

It's for the woman who wants to design her life with freedom, expression and authenticity.

It's for the woman who wants to break out of cultural, familial and societal norms that try to bind her.

It's for the woman to wants to live free from fear, self-doubt and personal limitations.

It's for the woman who takes charge of her life and make her own decisions.

It's for the woman who knows herself well enough to thrive on her strengths, work on her weaknesses and isn't afraid of a challenge.

This space is meant for any woman who wants to make her life what she wants it to be. It's a space for knowledge, inspiration, healing and action.