How to Get What you Want – The Law of Attraction

Do you want to know how to get what you want every time? Do you want to know a way to live life always feeling good? Do you want to know how great things and great people can easily come into your life?

I recently spoke (on my Instagram page) about how the Law of Attraction was the reason I got to visit the Maldives and see this kind of beauty!

And naturally, we would all want to know how we can get what we want. It showed in the messages and responses I got.

This post is all about the Law of Attraction (LoA) and how you can use it to get what you want in life.

If you prefer to watch, then I have a video on it on my IGTV, it’s in 2 parts – titled How to get what you want.


What is the Law of Attraction?

LoA is basically a law that says ‘like attracts like’. It means that if you think ‘good’ you get good. If you think ‘bad’ you get bad.

In other words – whatever it is that you focus on, you get more of.

We know this is true because if I said to you – wherever you are right now, focus on the colour red. You would suddenly start to see more red than you did before.

When we focus on positivity for example and train our minds to see only that, suddenly it’s all we see and all that we get back. Same thing applies if you were to only think negatively.

It’s a simple concept, but crazy powerful when you use it to your advantage in your life.


How the Law of Attraction works when it’s negative

My mum will probably hate me for telling this story but she was travelling once and she was sending off a box of clothes and gifts to give away abroad. She was so scared that the box would get lost, and all she kept saying was ‘It’s going to get lost’, ‘it’s not going to make it there’ and she surrounded her thoughts about that box with fear.

Can you guess what happened?

That’s right, it got lost and it never made it there.


Law of Attraction in the positive

If you use Law of Attraction for your benefit however.. oh well it works wonders! It’s just as powerful!

When I would drive in London, I used to think – “oh it’s so difficult to find parking, I’ll never find something close, it’s far too busy, the whole world and their mum is in the city right now, no chance”).

And of course, the result was – I wouldn’t find a good spot, it was difficult to find any spot at all and I’d continue to hate it every time I had to drive and park in London.

Then I decided to change my thinking and use the LoA. Now I get parking in central London at peak times! On a Friday or Saturday night when the city is bustling, I get the perfect spot. Every time.

Not because I’m special but because I practice the Law of Attraction (and by the way, disclaimer – when I still fall into bad thinking, I don’t get good parking!)

As I mentioned earlier, I got to go to the Maldives, albeit on a work trip, because of the Law of Attraction. And I did it using the steps below.

You see, once you have put you ‘want’ out there, and you think positively and feel good, what happens in response is things start to fall into place. And even people start to move around you in order to give you the thing you want.

They call it the ‘universe’ aligning for you. To me, it sounded too wishy-washy and magical for my liking and I just couldn’t grasp that. So here’s how I see it.

This law applies regardless of who you are. It doesn’t matter where you are in your life, what things you have or don’t have. It’s a concept that works for absolutely everyone.

And so whether you believe in a Higher Power or not, it still works. For those who don’t believe in God, it helps to believe you’re putting your wishes out into the ‘universe’. And sure enough, you will receive.

For me and anyone who believes in God, your ‘want’ is being listened to by God. And it is God who will be aligning the world, people and events to make things happen for you.


How to use the Law of Attraction to get what you want

Step 1 – Ask

Ask – What this means is to put it out there into the world what it is that you want. For believers, this means to ask God. Make it known that you want it. Even say it out loud.

In order to do this well, you need to have a very clear vision of what it is that you want. Get as detailed and specific as you want, because this is going to help you think positively and feel good about it.

My travel example – I said I wanted to go to the Maldives but also just generally I want to travel a lot and as much as possible and God knows I want this.

Step 2 – Think Positively

You have to surround your wish with good thoughts. You have to believe it is more than just possible, it is a given. It will happen and it will happen in the best way for you.

My travel example – I was thinking of all possibilities of travel in the next year, always making plans in my head even if not concrete yet and deciding it was going to be amazing.

Step 3 – Feel Good

Now surround your thoughts with good feelings. The mind and heart are connected, so the more you think good, the more you’ll feel good. And the more you feel good, the more you’ll think good things. This will keep you in a high positive energy all the time and makes that great thing that you want to be attracted to you.

Practically (and in a non-magical way) – it means because you’re feeling good, you’re more likely to be working and living your life positively and in alignment with the thing you want.

Use gratitude – the more grateful you are for your current position and all that you already have, the more likely you will attract more of it into your life.

My travel example – I was feeling great about the travels I’ve already had, I appreciated them and believed in my gut that more travel will be coming my way and it’ll always be a part of my life as I wish it to be.

Step 4 – Act as if

This follows on from previous points, it’s a way to live your life feeling good and thinking good as if you already have what you want. You’re already living the life that you want right now.

This allows you to visualise more. It allows you feel what it would be like to have your wishes. The brain is such a powerful muscle, it has the ability to experience things before they’ve happened as if they already have.

And so it allows you to be grateful.

My travel example – I’m always thinking about travel so this was easy for me to always be feeling good about travel and visualising and picturing myself travelling. I am not just acting as if, I am living it so I welcome it.

Step 5 – Receive

When you are truly practicing the steps above, you are letting go of any attached fears, worries and concerns over it. You are letting go of all the reasons why it hasn’t happened yet. You are feeling so good that you are just living your life in the best way you can.

You’ve released yourself of the pressure of it, and you’re giving it to the ‘universe’ or God to take care of it. And that is truly asking for what you want, doing your part and leaving the rest to God to make happen for you.

My travel example – I received an email with an opportunity to go to the Maldives, and many obstacles and craziness later, it worked out because I allowed God to have control over how it played out.


There is so many other techniques and tips when it comes to practicing the Law of Attraction, so if this is something that interests you, please let me know. Leave me a comment below, email me, or find me on Instagram and drop me a message there.

I’ve already received emails and messages from some of you who started practicing this and you’ve gotten parking spaces and new jobs using it! So exciting!

So I hope that we can all keep using this law and get all the things we’re looking for!


All that you want is already within you. Reflect, know yourself and create the best version of you and the life that you want.


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