How to Travel When You Work Full-Time


If you think you can’t travel and see the world because you hold down a full-time job, I’m here to tell you you’re wrong! Not for the kick of it, but because it’s true. Some of us find it so difficult to take even one holiday in the year. The truth is you can go on as many as 4 or 5 trips in one year while holding down a 9-5.

I took 5 trips last year, I’m planning to do the same this year and this is how you can do it too.


When people say they don’t have time for something, it actually means they haven’t made it a priority and that’s okay if it isn’t. But if travel is something you really want to do then you have to make it a priority.

That means it comes above lazing at home or wasting weekends watching Netflix, even though sometimes that can be hard to resist. I’m guilty of binge-watching as much as the next lass.

Plan your annual leave

Think carefully and ahead of time when you are planning for a holiday. Your budget and the time of year you want to travel come into play here. Request it and book it off at work after you’ve researched flights and hotel for where you want to go.

Take your maximum leave

You’ll be surprised how many people don’t take their full allowance of leave every year. Or by the end of the year they have a few days left which then ‘go to waste’ at home when they could’ve been used and scheduled for a trip. Sure it’s always nice to have an extra few days off that you didn’t know you had but for this purpose it’s a wasted opportunity!

Make use of your given number of days

For example, if you want to have one 2-week holiday in the year. Plan for that big one first so you know how many days exactly that you need to take off for it. After this, find out how much of your annual leave you have left. You can spread these days sporadically throughout the year for a few more smaller trips.

As an example, So if we say you have 20 days a year. 10 days are going to go toward your 2-week holiday. That leaves you with another 10 days to spread out at different times of the year. One or two days can be added on either side of a weekend and you’ve got a long weekend getaway. And this ties in with the next tip.

Take advantage of public holidays

At Easter, think about taking a day or two, perhaps one day before Good Friday and one day after Easter Monday, that gives you 6 days to go travelling when you’ve actually only taken 2 days off.
Do the same for Christmas, Bank Holidays etc and you can have several long weekend trips. I know what you’re thinking, these are popular holiday times and it’s expensive. Sure that can be the case, but there are ways around it depending where you’re going and your exact travel dates.

Take some solo trips

One of the reasons people end up not going on certain getaways is because they can’t coordinate the exact dates with a friend or partner etc. But why not go alone? Take advantage of those few days you have off and go explore a place you’ve always wanted to. You don’t have to plan with anybody else and you can do everything and anything you like on your trip without worrying that your travel buddy won’t like it. There are several ways to enjoy solo travel and I’m sure I’ll be writing about that on the blog soon.

These are all the things that I do and I hope that they help! Find me on Instagram and tell me what your thoughts are and which ones you think you can do to travel more!


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