How to Travel on a Budget


Do you want to travel but still afford food and rent? Me too.

I travelled to 5 different countries in 2017. I ran around the streets of New York and Madrid, laid on beaches in Bali, Miami, Orlando, and spent Christmas in Copenhagen. Each country was their own separate trip and I’m often asked how I have the money to go on so many holidays, and the answer is – I don’t!

I just travel on the cheap. Big time. And believe me, you can do the same whether you’re planning one trip or several trips this year.

I’ve put together everything I do in a quick go-to guide to travelling the world on a budget right here.


Planning Your Trip

Do it in advance

If you know when you’re able to travel, then plan it way ahead of time. More often than not, the rule is ‘the earlier, the better’. Other times and depending on where you’re going, 3-4 weeks before is just fine. You have to nose around on flight websites for a while and you’ll soon get a good idea what’s best for you based on where you live and how far you’re travelling.

Plan it outside of holiday seasons like Christmas, Easter, Bank Holidays which are far more expensive because it’s when everyone wants to go away and it’s also when kids are off school and families are travelling together.

However, even these can be found with a good deal if done in advance – at least 3 months before.



Sky scanner and Kayak are my absolute favourites for looking up flights. They aggregate the best deals for the month that you’re travelling in along with which airports will be cheaper and for the time of day that you plan to fly out and back. And if you’re stuck for ideas and need inspiration for your next trip, you can click the ‘Everywhere/Anywhere’ option and it’ll hand you the top spots.



Hotels – If you find a package deal through a travel company or just by searching online, you can usually find something reasonable.  For example, British Airways have holiday deals which puts together flights and hotel into one. very easy to find cheap and lovely places to stay with a ‘pay when you arrive’ and bonus – you get free cancellation if you change your mind. But check this before you book because not all of them have this feature or watch out for the deadline.

Airbnb I absolutely love Airbnb, you can find the most beautiful of homes, with pools, wifi, and all the facilities you would need while you’re away for a really good price. You can find single rooms within a home, or whole apartments all to yourself.

With all of these options, if you’re travelling in a group then of course you can split the cost with your friends, and it becomes even cheaper.



Once you get there



For travelling in and around your destination country or city, find out the prices for metro, trains, taxis by either looking it up online before you fly or just fish around when you get there.
For example, in Milan, you’d have people offering you a taxi from the airport for 55 euros that takes you to the centre of town, but right across of them you could get a 5 euro bus! BIG difference yet almost the same time to get there!



Food makes a big part of a trip for me.  If I love the food, I’ll love the place. But it can get pricey, so check beforehand what the typical food prices are and plan what meals you’re having out.

Of course you can treat yourself to a high end dining experience if you can but you can also easily keep your food expenses really low. When booking your accommodation, be it a hotel or villa, find a breakfast-included option. That’s one meal a day you don’t have to think about.

Alternatively, you can also cook for yourself and family if you’re staying in a self-catered place. Find the local supermarket and get some snacks to keep in your fridge and in your bag for when you’re on the go.



Your travel is all about the experiences you’re going to have. There are loads of free ways to explore a new city – free walking tours, meet ups with travel groups, meet some locals and ask where to go. You can roam the local markets, parks and join festivals. Museums are sometimes free, as are viewing points.
The must-see attractions usually have entry fees, so set some money aside for these but for everything else, get creative!


Of course there are so many other ways to save on holidays using package deals with travel companies, cashback techniques and using airmiles etc. But I personally haven’t used them and I’ll only ever share what I know and what has worked for me.

I hope it helps you find your next dream holiday without breaking the bank.

Good luck and safe travels!


If you have any questions or have tips you want to share too, find me on Instagram I’d love to hear from you.


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